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Top 5 Audio Visual Trends for Events in 2017


Top 5 Audio Visual Trends for Events in 2017

Planning an event is a major undertaking, and though it may be fun for some, it can be quite the stressful endeavor especially when having to coordinate with suppliers and collaborators. One thing is for sure, a great event has to have a top-of-the-line audio video setup.  

As an event planner, being up-to-date on the latest AV trends and technologies that will really “wow!” your clients and guests are vital to the job. It is a good idea to check with partners and peers to see what kind of equipment, and the top brands they’ve worked with. Audio-visual technology or AV is as ever changing as the technology industry, so it’s always a good idea to maintain this sort of network among professionals and stay ahead of what the top technology trends are.

The Digital Revolution

There was a time of event planning where promotions were done with print flyers and handouts advertising the pertinent information related to the event. Nowadays all of their marketing is being accomplished digitally. The information may be the same but the delivery is something entirely different. It’s important to know how to make use of digital media and LED displays or signing, along with many of the forms of digital systems.

A Crystal Clear Display

Another technological trend is the rise of 4k displays and VR systems. For presentations heavy on the presentation or information and graphics, this modern technology can be a game changer. One of the best parts of the newfound but enduring popularity of these methods is more suppliers are beginning to offer the equipment for more affordable prices.

Information Delivered in Motion

Video has firmly supplanted text in the deliverance of information. It is not only easier to present information in the form of a video, but also to absorb it as well. An investment into a good videographer and editor and you will reap the rewards that accompany a presentation done in an eye-catching and exciting way.

Virtual and Augmented Realities

There is a significant different between virtual and augmented realities. VR is an active experience, meaning that you choose to take part of the experience; whereas with augmented reality, the experience is completely passive and acts as an addition or augmentation to your current reality.

Both VR and AR are technologies that have largely risen to popularity in the video gaming industries, but a growing number of events are beginning to incorporate the technologies to provide a unique experience. Learn more about how designers and planners are mixing virtual and augmented reality technologies with real occurrences in order to create interactive experiences.

A Few Questions for Your Suppliers

Before deciding on a supplier to take care of the AV needs for your event, there are a few things to ask the AV company. The first step is distinguishing what you’re able to get and how far you can go within your budget. By getting this out of the way from the beginning, there’s no wasted time on either side.

  • Get the Details – Make sure that you cover all your bases. What the event type is, the estimated amount of guests and any special requests or features are all important points of information to disclose. It is also important to know what the earliest time of arrival can be for setup, as well as what time all the guests will arrive. Proper information on all necessary arrival and departure times helps the AV team know how much staff will be needed to get everything set up and tested properly before the event and for how long any AV engineers will need to be on site for.


  • What Services are Offered – Another important thing to ask your potential AV company is what else can they provide beyond the basic services and equipment. You can use any extra services and assistance provided as a point of reference when comparing between companies.


  • Read Between the Lines – The final thing to do is make sure you thoroughly look over your contract and ensure it is solid and foolproof. Any agreement should be gone over with a fine-tooth comb and make sure that it’s exactly what you’re looking for, and that it contains no loopholes where you may be getting the shorter end of the deal.


The Little Details Are What Counts


It all comes down to the little details, and how you’re able to provide more with less. It’s not about putting on a grandiose event, but making sure that the event is organized and appropriate, no matter the circumstances.

It’s important to remember, that both novice and experienced planners run into details that can be challenging. Don’t be afraid to let an AV team take on some of the details when it comes to your AV checklist. This way you can get a better understanding of what different AV teams you may work better with and over time deal with how each team can better accommodate your differing needs.


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